Seminars and Talks

Giving centre stage to the conceptual understanding of ‘conscious awareness’.


A taster of what will be uncovered in the Seminars & Talks


– How to overcome the limitations we place on ourselves due to pre-conditioning and

– In order to change ourselves, we must be prepared to acknowledge our flaws. We
will unpick the tools required to create self-awareness.

– Exploring the relationship between our five outer senses and our inner faculties,
creating strategies to manage them effectively.

– How to engage appropriately in both our personal and professional arenas through
self-presence and higher conscious awareness.

– Establishing the processes required to unlock new ways of thinking, allowing you to
navigate effectively through troubled situations.

– Understanding the nuances of stress, the causes of it, and why the right amount of
stress is a prerequisite for positive movement and change.

– Acknowledging the natural laws of cause and effect based on the concept of duality,
and the relationship it plays with our patterns of behaviour.

– Exploring the intricacies of effective and ineffective styles of leadership and the
impact this has on employee productivity.

– How to gain a fresh perspective on the twists and turns (challenges) that come with
our existence.