My Journey

Early Career

In 1980 I entered into the world of investment banking lasting over a decade. I started out as a trainee financial trader and worked my way up to become one of the principal market makers in Floating Rate Note bonds and latterly acted as a proprietary trader, trading the bank’s own portfolio I was employed at BNL Investment, Orion Royal Bank, GZB International, Tokai International, Merril Lynch. As a head trader at Orion, I set up the trading unit in Hong Kong.

In 1986 during my time at the trading desks, I was asked to coach and train new traders entering the challenging arena of investment banking. I was fortunate to travel extensively whilst working in the financial hub of London.

New Directions

After leaving the City and a ‘well deserved rest’, I opted for a complete change of direction and set up as an independent consultant. This led me to Canada, the Middle East, Southern Africa, East Africa including the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.

In the early 2000’s I set up two health care agencies in England employing over 110 office, care and nursing staff. Coaching and training skills played an integral part in developing the staff and our teams.

The Search

Towards the end of my career in the City, my curiosity of wanting to reconcile the existential realities of life with the inner journey led me to meet with several individuals who shared their insights. This eventually culminated with my wife introducing me to Fadhlalla Haeri, a contemporary Sufi teacher with an ‘inner stature’. He had a unique and insightful perspective on the cosmology of the self and the spectrum of consciousness. His ability to communicate ancient traditions in a language and manner appropriate for the times in which we are living was captivating. He had also authored books on these subjects.

It was during my travels that I became enthralled by the many people I’d met from diverse cultures ranging from small islands to cities and rural areas. I was especially fascinated by the Maasai near Arusha when I was invited to accompany a few of the men on a three-day walking safari in the Serengeti. I fell in love with Tanzania when I first set foot there in the early 1990’s and continue to make frequent visits to East and South Africa.


Of course, I’ve experienced life challenges; an intense and sustained period of ‘burn out’, periods of uncertainty, feeling at a complete loss and bewilderment both in my professional and personal life and I’ve made unconsidered decisions with undesired repercussions. I’ve gone through cycles of having money, no money and minus money. These occasions have been catalysts for contemplation, reflection and seeking counsel, leading to insight.

“No one escapes life’s challenges. Ongoing life challenges are the inevitability of being on this planet and necessary for our personal growth”

”Most of us are not shown or taught how to deal with our internal and external challenges in a constructive and positive manner. Pre-conditioning often gets in the way of our evolvement”

Along The Way…

I’ve had teachings in ‘spectrum of consciousness’, ‘cosmology of the self’ and attended an intense ‘More to Life Programme’ in London and continue to explore the dynamics of life in all its descriptive manifestations.

For over fifteen years family, friends and associates have been suggesting and encouraging me to formalise my coaching, training, writing and speaking skills. So this website is the beginning of an ongoing unfoldment in my life.

We’re all work in progress. We continue to learn and unfurl until our last breath, each and every one of us, without exception.

I’m an avid golf enthusiast, tremendously enjoy engaging with people of different cultures and traditions, write poetry, have an eclectic taste in music, enjoy the cinema and have watched ‘Out of Africa’ at least fourteen times!


It was my loving mother, an honourable woman, who gave me guidance at a young age, and
glimpses of the vastness of beingness.

Complete gratitude from the inner reaches of my heart to Sufi teacher Fadhlalla Haeri for being who he is and for just being.

Continuous encouragement from my family helped formalise my Strategic Coaching programme, Training, and Talks. My wife is a Consultant Psychotherapist. Our eldest son is a former television Producer turned Speaker. The two youngest are successful entrepreneurs having co-founded an e-commerce business.

Special thanks to Dr. Paul Rischbieter for his friendship, insistence and persistent encouragement, Fadhil Khan and David Sparks.