One to One Coaching

Sustainable change starts with you, by you.

The world in which we live is governed by natural laws; cause and effect, based on duality, of opposites in a web of multiplicity. When we understand this we come to know the patterns and move forward with conscious awareness and act appropriately.

Discover the why

It is essential that we discover our ‘Why’ (purpose), our ‘How’ and our ‘What’, to enable us to move forward with clarity. To act appropriately and decisively, to do the right thing at the right time in response to all the information we have at that time. This is possible by being in a state of conscious awareness.

Embrace the journey and life aspirations

The journey is a process and is not only about goals and outcomes, it’s how we get there, how we engage with changing existential realities, how we deal with every situation we encounter and above all how we engage with ourselves. Our goals and aspirations in life should be like magnets. Something is amiss if we are being pushed or dragged towards them. But on occasions there exceptions!

Courage to explore

To have the courage to explore the adjacent possibility, to move beyond that which is familiar. Our journeying should be a continuous thrill and the outcomes will be the thick layer of icing on the cake!


Why, How, What

As mentioned earlier, the ‘why’ in whatever we do is a crucial starting point. It’s the foundation upon which we build upon. Most people and organisations know the ‘how’ and ‘what’ but very few know and understand the ‘why’ because it is the most subtle of the three. It is well worth taking the time to define and refine the reasons for ‘why’ and articulate them verbally and in writing.  Once we have clarity of ‘why’, the ‘how’ and ‘what’ evolve with ease. 

Below are my ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’ in relation to my passion for delivering the Strategic Coaching programme and Training:

My ‘why’

Strategic Coaching is one of the ways which allows me to serve; to serve my clients. My coaching methods allow clients to evaluate and process their options in relation to their aspirations and flourish in various aspects of their lives with conscious awareness.

My ‘how’

I have woven my own life experiences, observations, teachings and research to develop a unique methodology of working with my clients by implementing a Strategic Coaching programme designed around each unique individual.

My ‘what’

To witness and celebrate progressive sustainable change and growth of my clients engagement with life is quite exhilarating.