Random Thoughts

We are architects and constructors of how we view the world.
How we conceive then perceive our thoughts into value systems and ideas, how we implement them and engage with them.

We yearn and seek smooth transitions from one phase into another, in all relationships and work/vocation.
But life’s unfoldments and revelations are far from smooth and in it lies nothing other than perfection.

Life is meant to be unpredictable and challenging in order for us to grow emotionally, psychologically and if so inclined spiritually. To also turn towards and into that zone which is forever predictable, call it soul, spirit, higher consciousness, the umbilical cord of holistic well-being connected to its original source, Light. That Light which when cast creates no shadows because it pierces and permeates all of creation with an intensity beyond worldly limited comprehension.

Then, of course, there are the matters of the heart…but that’s another dimension…and just as unpredictable…!!! That’s a thought for another time.