Life’s Treadmill

Many of us meander through life and in our work.

We end up in jobs just to pay the bills. Before the month is nearly over the bank balance is in the red. The payslip arrives and at the bottom of the right-hand side, it states ‘Gross’ and ‘Net’. The ‘Gross’ is damn gross! And the ‘Net’ is what we’re caught in!

Friday and Saturday nights are used to forget about the drudgery of the week and Sunday to sleep-in and ‘re-charge’ for Monday, the cycle continues. Some say it’s like being on the treadmill of life getting nowhere!

This is not confined to people on low to average incomes. It’s just as applicable to those on very comfortable incomes.

Surveys have shown that the majority of us are NOT content with our work or jobs; NOT content with our income; NOT content with our lives.

And yet we continue with the status quo. We want change but not prepared to do what it takes to change. We’re prepared to dream but do nothing towards making a change in our lives. We look over the parapet and duck right back down again.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be shackled. Not by others but by ourselves. We’ve allowed our thoughts to shackle our minds and our feelings have shackled our hearts. If you and I blame others or circumstances it will only lead to resentment and our suffering will increase. Let’s take self-responsibility!

What will it take for you and me to make the change, to at least initiate a small step towards that change? Most of us will not do it. Yet we all could but won’t. It’s the way it is. Fine, but you and I don’t have to be like everyone else.

You and I CAN change. Start by accepting where we are now. Decide what we want to change our lives. Let’s get realistic; we can’t change it all at once. It’s taken years of habitual thought patterns and behaviour to arrive where we are now, where we don’t want to be! It’s not going to change overnight. But let’s begin because we can and want to.

Implementing small changes, doing something small regularly will create a sustainable transitioning from where you and I are now towards achieving a desirable outcome. You and I have to realign both our outer and inner perspective. It’s doable; you and I just have to do it.

As you and I journey along the path of progressive, sustainable change and self-realisation we will taste achievement and success. But then take a moment and look around. Can we share with and care for others? Genuine overflowing fulfilment is realised by caring, sharing and assisting another person in their life without us having any expectation, to serve another person unconditionally.