Inner Tuning Fork

Master tuners of musical instruments will use a tuning fork or a metronome and their ear! But the sound of the perfect tuning fork is forged ‘within’ them.

Tuning is a very deliberate, focused process.  The master tuner knows that the tuning fork is the perfect reference point because it has the perfect sound which, over years of experience has been infused within his/her inner senses.

The master tuner will tune the instrument, the outer sound, with the perfect pitch of the tuning fork, which is his/her inner sound. Their objective is to align and unify the outer sound with the inner sound.

The master tuner literally immerses him/herself in the harmonic series, wave structures, beats, the physics of ringing strings, understanding the equal tempered scale the pitch and more.

They do all this so that the instrument being played is in its’ optimum state having been referenced to the perfect sound. Then from time to time, the ‘player’ will make adjustments as and when needed.

You and I also have a perfect inner reference point. A set of core values forged within us emanating from our higher consciousness, the perfect tuning fork. A sound with which if we resonate will create an optimum way of being. 

Then from time to time, we make adjustments in our outer life to realign and unify with that most perfect pitch within us and be refreshed.

Listening to that perfect sound is predicated on being still and silent, so we come to the realisation that the perfect sound with its’ infinite waves is forever present.

Conscious awareness.