Be The Pilot

I’m often asked by clients ‘should I change my mind?’ – Well, if we can’t change our mind, we don’t have a mind to change!

Changing our minds is a necessary requisite along our journey. But is changing our mind predicated on whimsical and reactionary notions or by being in conscious awareness, sincere contemplation and referenced to our higher inner core values.

Be like a pilot with a destination in mind. Always be aware of the conditions you are flying in. At times you may have to make detours, maybe refuel,  fly higher or lower, change course if need be, even change the destination. Always be aware of the conditions outside of the plane and inside.

Along your journey of self-discovery be aware of the conditions around you and within you!

You will come to act appropriately at all times; taking into account all the conditions you find yourself in.

On this flight, you are the pilot and only passenger!